Webinar: Leveraging Lead Scoring to Drive Results
Date: Thurs. Oct. 25, 2018
Time: 11:00am - 11:45am CDT

Lead Scoring is a way for team members within your organization to help identify what stage of the customer journey someone is in. Whether they're just starting, or are ready to speak to a sales rep, the basics of lead scoring are clear. When you create your lead scoring fragmentation, you should focus on what’s important to make the customer journey successful. The customer journey is a two-way street you must help guide customers down with confidence and encouragement. When you utilize lead scoring, you'll identify marketing threshold parameters in your Marketing Automation System, among other important benefits and procedures. 

Learning Objectives: 

1. Define Lead Scoring, Apply it to Your Business, and Identify How Different Types of Lead Scoring Benefit Your Business Procedure 
2. How to Leverage Lead Scores for the Sales Process and Build Lead Scoring Models You Can Use 
3. The Dos and Don'ts of Lead Scoring, Eliminating User Silos

About the Speaker: Chad Collett

Chad Collett, Director of Marketing, with Ledgeview Partners has been working with CRM and Marketing Automation solutions for over 15 years to help organizations create efficiencies and drive growth.  With a passion for marketing automation (and CRM), Chad holds current certifications in Act-On and ClickDimensions and has experience working with Hubspot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

When not talking CRM or Marketing Automation, Chad is an avid runner who has participated in multiple half and full marathons and a Soccer Dad who volunteers his time as President of a Youth Soccer Association with over 1500 players.