Webinar: From Lead to Opportunity: Defining Your Process
Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm CST

Have your sales and marketing teams struggled with determining what defines a lead for your company? Do you have a clear definition of a Marketing Qualified vs a Sales Qualified lead? When does a Lead turn into an Opportunity for your company? 

Join this webinar to learn actionable strategies to align your team’s definition of both leads and opportunities, understand how to qualify leads and develop methods for tracking lead and opportunity conversions so that you can understand why and how leads are converting into business for you.

About the Speaker: Jodie Gilroy

Jodie Gilroy has conducted multiple Sales and Marketing focused webinars and been a featured speaker at CRMUG Summit, CRM Conference, Regional CRM and Marketing Automation Seminars and more. Jodie holds multiple CRM certifications as well as certifications in Act-On, ClickDimensions, Pardot and Hubspot marketing automation platforms. Jodie has been working in Dynamics 365/CRM and Marketing Automation for over 7 years with an additional 15+ years in the marketing field.

Jodie is very passionate about working with these technologies because of the impact that integrating CRM & Marketing Automation can have in aligning sales & marketing teams for overall business growth.