Ledgeview Partners

Webinar: Enabling Cross Channel Personalization
Date: Thursday, November 30th, 2017
Time: 11:00am - 11:30am CST

Today, customers are providing your company with more data, more intelligence, than you have ever had access to before. How are you capturing this information and how are you using it? Are you reaching out to current and potential customers in a personalized way or are you speaking to all of your customers with the same message and providing the same experience?

This session will focus on enabling cross channel personalization by leveraging Marketing Automation & CRM technologies to create personalized messaging at scale. We will go beyond the “Dear John” insert in an email message. This session will focus on using CRM data and Marketing Automation technology to create customized experiences that enhance the customer journey and in turn drive sales through the use of email, nurturing campaigns, landing pages, forms and website personalization.

Learning Objectives: Understand how Marketing Automation & CRM can help you to create a cross channel personalization strategy.

About the Speaker: Jodie Gilroy

Jodie is certified in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Application and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Customization & Configuration. She also is certified in Act-On, ClickDimensions, Pardot and Hubspot marketing automation platforms. Jodie has been working in Dynamics 365/CRM and Marketing Automation for over 7 years with an additional 15+ years in the marketing field.

Jodie is very passionate about working with these technologies because of the impact that integrating CRM & Marketing Automation can have in aligning sales & marketing teams for overall business growth.