Webinar: Driving User Adoption
Date: Thursday, September 7th
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT

Whether you are implementing a new CRM (or any technology solution), or hoping to jump start stale users, this webinar will cover a wide range of questions, ideas, stories and best practices to help you drive and increase the user adoption at your organization.

If you cannot attend the live webinar, simply register and you will receive a link after the live session to access the presentation on-demand.

About the Speaker: Michael Dodds

Michael Dodds has been working in CRM/Salesforce for over 3 years and is certified in Customizations and Configuaration for Microsoft Dynamics 365. He is also certified in Admin, Sales, Service and App Builder for Salesforce. Michael believes Microsoft Dynamcis 365/CRM and Salesforce save customers time and energy from hunting down and analyzing data. These tools redirect the customers valuable time and energy to other important areas of their job and thats why he loves these tools!